Monday, September 25, 2023

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US isn’t seeking new Cold War: President Biden amid tensions with China

Amid tensions with China, US President Joe Biden told the UN General Assembly (UNGA) that America isn’t “seeking a new Cold War”. “The US is ready to work with any nation that steps up and pursues peaceful resolution to shared challenges,” he added. The US will “oppose attempts by stronger countries” to dominate weaker ones, he further said.

Coolest dictator in world: El Salvador’s President writes in his Twitter bio

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele changed his Twitter bio to read “the coolest dictator in the world”, apparently in response to last week’s protest against him by thousands of people. It was the first mass protest against Bukele. The President had dismissed the protest by saying protesters “took to the streets to fight a dictatorship that doesn’t exist”.

Taliban name new UN envoy, ask to address United Nations General Assembly

Taliban have demanded representation at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session this week, challenging the credentials of the pre-existing envoy. Taliban named Mohammad Suhail Shaheen as the new UN permanent representative. The currently accredited Afghan ambassador Ghulam Isaczai also sent a list of Afghanistan’s delegation to the UN for the assembly’s 76th annual session.

Ships rescue 190 Europe-bound migrants off Libya

Around 190 Europe-bound migrants were rescued off Libya’s coast by two rescue vessels, charities operating them said. Over 24,000 migrants were intercepted and returned to Libya by the Libyan coast guard so far this year, according to a UN agency. Over 1,000 migrants are believed to have drowned in the first half of 2021, the agency’s figures showed.

Lebanese Parliament approves new govt amid economic crisis

The new Lebanese government led by Najib Mikati won a vote of confidence on Monday from the Parliament amid an economic crisis. PM Mikati aims to initiate reforms needed to seek foreign financial aid. Amid power shortages, Mikati said, “From the heart of the suffering of Beirut…our cabinet was born to light a candle in this hopeless darkness.”

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