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Egypt reopens 4,700-year-old tomb of King Djoser to tourists after 15 years

Egypt reopened the 4,700-year-old southern tomb of King Djoser at the pyramid of Saqqara to tourists after 15 years after heavy restoration work. The structure, known as the Southern Tomb, is largely underground and includes a labyrinth of corridors, decorated with hieroglyphic carvings and tiles. It lies near the Third Dynasty pharaoh’s famous Step Pyramid, where he was actually buried.

UK Queen sends message of congratulations to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

UK Queen Elizabeth II sent a message of congratulations to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on the country’s National Day. The message was published in state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper and read, “As the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea celebrate their National Day, I send my good wishes for the future.”

US top general secretly called China over fears Trump could spark war, as per claims

US General Mark Milley secretly called China’s General Li Zuocheng twice over concerns then-President Donald Trump could spark a war with China around elections, according to a new book by journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa. Milley sought to assure Zuocheng the US was stable and if there were to be an attack, he would alert him ahead of time.

3 ex-Presidents join initiative to aid Afghan refugees in US

Three ex-US Presidents, George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, have joined an initiative that aims to aid Afghan refugees to settle in America. The ex-Presidents and their wives will serve as part of Welcome.US, a coalition of advocacy groups, American businesses and other leaders. Over 1.24 lakh Afghans and foreigners were evacuated from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

Syria unsafe for refugees to return due to rising violence: UN

Releasing a report on Syria, UN investigators said that the country is still unsafe for the return of refugees a decade after its conflict began. They claimed the overall situation was increasingly bleak with continued hostilities in several parts, economic crisis and drying riverbeds. “The parties to the conflict continue to perpetrate war crimes,” a UN official said.

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