Monday, June 5, 2023

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NASA astronaut’s ISS spacewalk delayed due to medical issue

NASA is delaying a spacewalk at the ISS because of a medical issue involving astronaut Vande Hei. The officials said Hei is dealing with “a minor medical issue”, adding it was not an emergency case. Hei, along with Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide, was supposed to venture out on August 24 to install a bracket for new solar wings.

Martian snow is dusty, could potentially melt as per study

Arizona State University researchers using NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s data have successfully determined Martian snow’s dust content. “There is a chance that this dusty and dark ice might melt a few centimetres down,” a researcher said. Researchers are now developing improved computer simulations of Martian ice to study if it might melt to form liquid water.

NFT of a picture of a rock sells for over $1.3 million

A non-fungible token (NFT) of clip art of a rock called ‘EtherRock’ was sold for 400 Ether worth $1,326,280 on Tuesday. One of the first crypto-collectibles, ‘EtherRock’ is a JPEG of a cartoon rock that is built and sold on the Ethereum blockchain. Crypto entrepreneur Justin Sun recently announced that he paid “half-million dollars” for an EtherRock.

Google Pay’s 7 leaders, ‘dozens’ of employees quit recently

As many as “dozens” of employees and executives have left Google’s payments division in recent months. At least seven Google Pay leaders have left the unit since April, with two leaving this week. This comes after Caesar Sengupta, the VP and GM of Payments & Next Billion Users, quit in March after 15 years.

iOS 15 beta has decade-old bug which Apple hasn’t fixed

Apple’s iOS has had a bug for a decade and iOS 15 beta version has not fixed it yet, TechRadar reported. The bug affects iMessages and hampers users’ ability to send pictures across in one go. It does not act up all the time and causes some occasional disturbances and later goes dormant.



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