Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Tesla sued after its Model X crashed into police officers in Texas, was running on autopilot technology

Tesla is being sued by five Texas police officers after a Model X that was allegedly on Autopilot crashed into several police officers while they were engaged in a traffic stop. “All were badly injured,” the lawsuit says, referring to the police officers. It further claims that the crash was caused due to “design and manufacturing defects known to Tesla”.

US’ 10 biggest tech companies lose $200 billion in market value

US’ 10 biggest technology companies lost more than $200 billion in market value on Tuesday amid a surge in bond yields on expectations of higher interest rates and rising inflation. Shares of Google-parent Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and NVIDIA fell at least 3%. The selloff was led by Alphabet and Amazon who lost about $66 billion and $41 billion respectively.

Musk jokes about Bezos’ spaceflight, says ‘rocket can be shorter for suborbital trips’

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday joked about Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos’ rocket that he flew into space recently, saying, “If you’re only going suborbital, your rocket can be shorter.” Speaking about Blue Origin suing NASA over SpaceX’s lunar lander contract, Musk said, “You cannot sue your way to the Moon, no matter how good your lawyers are.”

Amazon unveils home robot ‘Astro’ costing $1,000, to be sold only in US

Amazon unveiled its first home robot ‘Astro’ that plays music, videos, podcasts and answers questions via Alexa while following its owner. Fitted with cameras and microphones, it can move autonomously around the home, allowing owners to keep a check on their homes even when they’re away. To be available only in the US, ‘Astro’ will initially cost $999.99 (over ₹74,000).

Google says it is the most searched term on Microsoft Bing

Google is so successful that it’s the most searched for term on its rival Microsoft’s search engine Bing, a lawyer for Google told a European Union court. The lawyer said that evidence for the same has also been submitted. Google has asked EU judges to overturn a record $5 billion fine and strike down a 2018 antitrust order against it.

China unveils strike-capable drone technology that can remain in air for 20 hours

China has unveiled a high-altitude and long-endurance drone that can fly for around 20 hours and reach top speeds of 700 kmph. The Caihong-6 (CH-6) drone unveiled at Airshow China 2021 has a maximum takeoff weight of 7.8 tonnes and can carry a large range of payloads including air-to-ground missiles and bombs. It can also carry out anti-submarine missions.

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