Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Facebook Oversight Board to review ‘XCheck’ system for high-profile users

Facebook’s Oversight Board said it will review the company’s ‘XCheck’ or cross check system, which is used to review content decisions relating to high-profile users. This comes after reports that many high-profile users abuse the system by posting material “that would typically lead to sanctions”. The system includes accounts which are “whitelisted”, it added.

Apple lets users add Covid vaccination card to Wallet

The just-released iOS 15 already allows users to store verifiable vaccination and test results Washington: American tech giant Apple is all set to bring verifiable COVID-19 vaccination cards to Wallet application as part of a future iPhone software update.

Apple CEO Tim Cook warns employees against leaking information in leaked e-mail

Apple CEO Tim Cook warned employees about leaking company information, as per a memo that was leaked. Cook wrote that “people who leak confidential information don’t belong here”. He also told staff that Apple is doing everything in their power to identify leakers. This comes after information from internal Apple meeting was leaked recently.

OnePlus sends legal notice to Delhi lawyer who claimed Nord 2 exploded in his gown

OnePlus has sent Delhi-based advocate Gaurav Gulati a legal notice over his claims that his OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone exploded in his gown. According to the notice, Gulati has to “cease and desist” from making or publishing any “derogatory” statements against OnePlus and remove his earlier tweets. The notice also demanded a written apology for the “disparaging content” he posted.

EU to propose legislation for a common charger for phones, tablets and headphones

The European Commission is expected to present a legislative proposal this week for a common charger for mobile phones, tablets and headphones. The Commission wants the sale of chargers to be decoupled from devices and also propose a harmonised charging port. The move is likely to affect iPhone maker Apple more than its rivals.



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