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NASA chooses Nobile Crater of Moon’s south pole as VIPER’s landing site as it may have water

In 2023, NASA’s ice-seeking VIPER will land near western edge of Nobile Crater at Moon’s south pole. The mountainous area west of Nobile Crater was chosen due to rover-accessible terrain and array of nearby sites of scientific interest. Areas surrounding it showed the “most promise” in scientific pursuit of collecting data on presence of water and other resources, said NASA.

Apple working on tech to help detect depression via iPhone: Report

Apple is working on technology that could be used to diagnose depression and cognitive decline using data from iPhone cameras, keyboards, audio sensors. It will take into account facial expressions, sleep patterns, typing speed, walking pace and frequency. The project is reportedly part of Apple’s partnership with University of California, Los Angeles and Biogen.

Google plans to buy famous New York City office building for $2.1 billion

Google on Tuesday announced that it intends to buy its New York City office building for $2.1 billion. The deal is the most expensive sale of a single US office building since the start of COVID-19 pandemic and one of priciest in US history. Google is currently leasing the building and expects to open it by mid-2023.

Prototype of drone to ferry people, help fight fires made in Cambodia

Students at National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia have designed a prototype drone that can eventually be used to ferry people and help fight fires. The drone was made using eight propellers and a school chair for the pilot’s seat. It can carry a pilot weighing up to 60 kg and fly for 10 minutes for a distance of 1 km.

Gmail Gets Search Filters, Google App Now Has Option to Turn Off Personalised Search Results for Android Users

Gmail for Android started to roll out the option to apply search filters that will help users find specific emails. The new feature will allow users to quickly and easily filter email search results on their mobile devices.Search filters should appear below the search box on the Gmail app. The filter can be a name or a specific timeframe. It matches the dedicated widget update Gmail for iOS received last year.



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