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First all-civilian crew on SpaceX mission lands back safely after 3-day space trip

The first all-civilian crew who went to space on SpaceX’s Inspiration 4 mission landed on Earth after orbiting the planet for three days at 7:06 pm EDT. The spacecraft splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. Billionaire Jared Isaacman, who sponsored the trip and was its mission commander, said, “It was one heck of a ride for us.”

WhatsApp may soon let users send images as stickers: Report

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will let users send images as stickers. Once the feature is rolled out, users will be able to see a new sticker icon next to the caption bar while sending an image. When selected, the image will be sent as a sticker instead of a regular photo upload, the report said.

All-civilian crew in space speaks to rock band U2’s lead singer

The world’s first all-civilian crew launched by SpaceX spoke to Irish rock band U2’s lead vocalist Bono from the orbit, the mission’s Twitter handle tweeted on Saturday. “Our Inspiration 4 crew just woke up to “Beautiful Day” by U2. Before the crew went to sleep last night, they had an opportunity to chat about their journey with Bono,” it said.

Astronaut shares pic of Earth at night from space, says ‘who needs special effects’

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet has shared a picture of the Earth at night from the International Space Station. “Who needs special effects or science fiction when you have, well, a [space station],” he wrote with the picture. “Magical clear summer nights make for a carpet of city lights, and storm clouds are a nice addition to the scene,” Pesquet added.

Xiaomi patents earthquake monitoring technology: Report

Xiaomi has published a new patent for a system that is capable of reading or monitoring seismic activity from a mobile equipment. The patent is titled ‘Method and Equipment for Realising Seismic Monitoring of Mobile Devices’ and the technology is expected to help detect earthquakes. Earlier, Xiaomi claimed its MIUI 11 detected over 35 earthquakes in 500 days.

All-civilian crew member plays ukulele in space, video surfaces

Chris Sembroski, a US Air Force veteran and a member of the world’s first all-civilian space crew, played a ukulele inside the SpaceX Dragon capsule in outer space during a show-and-tell session by the crew. Sembroski revealed that the ukulele has been custom-made. Crew member Dr Sian Proctor showed a picture she made in space of the capsule.

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