Sunday, June 11, 2023

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Google fined $177 million for abusing market dominance by South Korea

Google has been fined 207 billion won ($177 million) by South Korea’s antitrust regulator for abusing its dominant market position to restrict competition in the mobile operating system market. The regulator said Google blocked gadget makers from using Android OS’ modified versions. Earlier, South Korea passed a law banning Google and Apple from forcing developers to use their payment systems.

Space missions to be conducted commercially in future: ISRO chief

ISRO Chairman Dr K Sivan, during the International Space Conference and Exhibition, said all space missions in the near future will be conducted commercially, like in the US. He further said the revised space FDI policy will open up opportunities for foreign companies to invest in the Indian space sector. “We’ve seen lot of interest from foreign companies,” Sivan added.

Armed robot that can patrol battle zones unveiled by Israeli firm

Israel Aerospace Industries, a state-owned defence contractor, has unveiled a remote-controlled armed robot that can patrol battle zones, track infiltrators and open fire. The four-wheeled robot, ‘REX MKII’, is operated by an electronic tablet and can be equipped with two machine guns, cameras, sensors. It can gather intelligence for ground troops, carry injured soldiers and strike nearby targets.

Four people to fly into orbit in the world’s first all-civilian mission: SpaceX

For the first time, SpaceX is sending four civilians into orbit in a mission called ‘Inspiration 4’. These four people are Jared Isaacman, billionaire CEO of Shift4 Payments and a private pilot, Hayley Arceneaux, a cancer survivor who now works as physician assistant, Dr Sian Proctor, a geoscientist and US Air Force veteran and Lockheed Martin engineer Chris Sembroski.

Mercedes-Benz shows Avatar-inspired concept car that ‘reads driver’s mind’

Mercedes-Benz showcased its ‘Avatar’ movie-inspired concept car ‘VISION AVTR’ at IAA MOBILITY 2021 show in Munich. The company said Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) allow the car’s driver to select the navigation destination, switch the ambient light or change the radio station by ‘thought control’. A BCI device attached to the driver’s head analyses the brain waves and triggers defined functions.

Tesla obtains patent to use laser beam to clean debris off cars

Tesla has obtained a patent from the USPTO to use laser beam to clean debris off of vehicles. Tesla describes the technology as a cleaning system that “includes a beam optics assembly that emits a laser beam to irradiate a region on a glass article of the vehicle”. It also detects debris accumulated over the region; Tesla wrote.



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