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US woman spent $400 on Facebook products to recover account

A US woman spent over $400 on Facebook’s Oculus VR headset and Portal tablet to speak with the products’ customer service after her account was deleted over using the word ‘QAnon’ in a group’s title in February. The products require users to have a Facebook account. However, she failed to recover the account and returned the products.

Google allegedly offered Netflix lower Play Store fees as per reports

 document related to an antitrust lawsuit filed against Google and its Play Store in the US has claimed that Google offered Netflix a “significantly reduced revenue share” in order to suppress its desire to use an alternative payments system. The document claimed several subscription services have repeatedly sought to bypass Google Play Billing.

Tesla car on Autopilot hits parked police car, Mercedes SUV in US

The front right of a Tesla car hit the left side of a parked police car, and a Mercedes SUV after that, in the US on Saturday. The driver claimed the car was on Autopilot at the time of the accident. Florida Highway Patrol said a trooper had stopped to assist a driver whose 2012 Mercedes GLK 350 was disabled.

Google generated $11.2 bn revenue from Play Store in 2019: Lawsuit

Google generated $11.2 billion in revenue from Play Store in 2019. The lawsuit filed by 37 US states or districts against Google over alleged antitrust violations claims the Play Store business had $8.5 billion in gross profit and $7 billion in operating income. Google said the data is being used to “mischaracterized our business”.

Size of Blue Origin’s NASA case crashing US govt’s system: Reports

The size of Blue Origin’s NASA lawsuit, seven gigabytes worth of PDFs and other documents, is causing the US DOJ’s Adobe software to crash, media reports said. The issue stems from the fact that Acrobat cannot combine “several hundred files at one time without crashing”. The crash has resulted in a weeklong delay to SpaceX HLS contract.



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