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Students being targeted by cyber fraudsters, Cyber police sends out warnings to users

Shimla | TNR

With online education gaining popularity during the ongoing pandemic, children have been increasingly falling prey to cyber frauds. Cyber fraudsters have been targeting innocent students by asking them to furnish personal details on links provided by them.

Offers being made to fool students

Such messages offering laptops, tablets and smartphones to students have been doing the rounds on Whatsapp with fraudsters pushing children to forward the messages to as many contacts as possible, thus making them victims of cyber fraud. The Cyber police have hence cautioned people not to share any such fake links or furnish any personal details on such links.

Fake and infected files found after investigation

After investigation, cyber police, Shimla found that several fake and infected files were present within the files attached with the link.

Pay attention to the URL

If it is a website that you use regularly, take care to scrutinize the spelling of the URL. Phishers often set up websites that have almost identically spelled URLs. A wrong spelling can take you to a fake site if minute details are not observed.

If the link appears to be correct, a little bit of discretion and research will go a long way in avoiding cyber traps. Reviews and warnings from other users will also help a lot. Primarily, check the properties of any link. Right-clicking “hyperlink” and selecting “properties” will reveal the genuineness of the link. Differences in both web pages can then be checked.

IG warns users to be wary of fraudulent messages

IG CID Atul Fuljale has warned users that such messages are found to be sent by cybercriminals primarily to cheat people. He has sent out a warning that opening such links could easily make the user a victim of cyber fraud.

Additional SP Cyber Crime, Narveer Singh Rathore has asked people to immediately report any such crime to the nearest police station or State Cyber Crime Station, Shimla so that speedy and timely action can be taken.



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