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Thursday, January 20, 2022

‘Snow festival’ kicks off in Lahaul, but may remain subdued this time

Toned down due to Covid resurgence, the famous 75-day Snow Festival kicked off in Lahaul on Friday with rituals at Trilokinath Temple.

Cultural festivities and sports events won’t be part of the festival this time. In 2021, the festival lasted till March-end and was marked by rituals, fairs and other events that show the distinctive culture of the tribal region.

Lahaul and Spiti officiating Deputy Commissioner Priya Nagta said the celebrations had been curtailed in view of surge in Covid cases.

Moreover, it had snowed heavily this time and only 4X4 vehicles were plying on the few roads that had been thrown open for traffic.

More events could be added in February and March if the conditions improved, she said. As such, traditional festivals like Halda, Udang, Fagli, Losar, Kuns, Zukaru, Gochi, Poona, Yor, Yeti, Buchhang, Dala and Teshu will be celebrated by the locals inside their houses only.

All these events showcase the ancient and rich heritage of the tribal valley.
Udang fair is observed as New Year in Lahaul culture and it lasts for a week.

The fair starts from Trilokinath Temple where only deities are allowed.

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