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Smoking, carrying inflammable goods can invite jail, Rs 10,000 fine in this forest division of Himachal this summer 

The Newz Radar

To protect forest wealth from potential summer fires, the Joginder Nagar forest division in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh has implemented a ban on the use of inflammable substances in the forests. Anyone found disobeying the government order will face a fine of Rs 10,000. The ban will remain in place until June 5, covering the forest ranges of Dharampur, Kamlah, Ladbhadol, Urla, Jogindernagar and Tikkan.

Smoking has also been banned in 40 highly sensitive beats, and the Forest Range Officer has been instructed to file criminal cases against anyone found responsible for setting forests on fire. Setting fire to forests is included in the non-bailable category, and anyone found guilty may face up to two years’ imprisonment under the Forest Act.

Divisional Forest Officer Rakesh Katoch made it clear to all the officers of the forest division in a virtual meeting that anyone caught with inflammable material in their beat should face immediate action. The forest division has taken this action in anticipation of the possibility of fires breaking out in the forests during the summer season.

Forest fires are a serious threat to the environment and wildlife, and their effects can last for years. The ban on inflammable substances in the forests is a crucial step towards preventing such fires and protecting the valuable forest wealth. The public is encouraged to follow these regulations and cooperate with the forest authorities to ensure the safety of the forests.



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