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Seminar by Himachal Pradesh Drugs Manufacturing Association and IPC Focuses on Quality in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Baddi: In a collaborative effort between the Himachal Pradesh Drugs Manufacturing Association and IPC, a seminar addressing crucial drug-related matters was organized for drug manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh, held in Baddi. Over two hundred esteemed drug manufacturers actively participated in the event.

Dr. Rajeev Raghuvanshi, the Drug Controller representing the Government of India, took the stage as the keynote speaker, delivering comprehensive insights into the upcoming rules and regulations within the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Raghuvanshi emphasized that the prime objective of the seminar was to promote the production of top-notch medicines across India, including the state of Himachal Pradesh. He further emphasized the significance of quality assurance and how it can be upheld, while also delving into the implementation of ShadowM technology.

Pharmaceutical entrepreneurs were thoroughly briefed on the regulations, laws, and procedures pertaining to the manufacture of high-quality medicines, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of industry compliance.

Himachal Pradesh Government’s State Drug Controller, Navneet Marwaha, conveyed in his address that any policy formulated by the Government of India should be uniformly applicable throughout the country, rather than selectively in Himachal alone. He stressed the need to prevent the adoption of policies exclusive to Himachal that could potentially lead to suspicions. Marwaha highlighted that Himachal Pradesh witnesses an annual trade of medicines worth Rs 50 thousand crore, encompassing the production and export of high-quality medicines abroad. He also addressed concerns about occasional sample failures, asserting that such isolated incidents should not overshadow the overall excellence in drug manufacturing. Regarding allegations of counterfeit drug production, Marwaha emphasized that every perpetrator is duly apprehended, debunking claims of large-scale counterfeiting in the region.

The seminar stands as a testament to the commitment of the pharmaceutical industry in Himachal Pradesh to ensure the highest standards of quality and compliance in the production of life-saving medications.

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