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Revenue Minister Ensures Swift Restoration of Blocked NH-05

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Kinnaur : In a commendable display of dedication, Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi is actively overseeing the restoration efforts of National Highway-05 in Kinnaur district. The highway had been blocked for 400 meters due to a mountain collapse in Nigulsari, necessitating urgent intervention.

Minister Negi has been personally present on-site day and night, ensuring the availability of essential machinery and equipment for the restoration work. To expedite the process, he has ordered the deployment of high-tech ROC (Restoration of Communication) machines from Patel Engineering Luhri Project and the Indian Army Pooh. These machines have proved highly efficient in facilitating the restoration work.

Speaking on the occasion, Tribal Development Minister Jagat Singh Negi affirmed his unwavering commitment to the people of the district during challenging times. He emphasized the importance of swiftly restoring National Highway-05, which serves as a crucial lifeline for the region. Minister Negi’s hands-on approach in supervising the restoration work reflects his dedication to reconnecting the district with the mainstream.

The expeditious reopening of this vital route is imperative to enable the smooth transportation of cash crops to markets and to ensure the district remains seamlessly connected to the broader infrastructure network.

Minister Negi’s proactive involvement and utilization of advanced ROC technology exemplify the government’s steadfast commitment to the welfare and prosperity of the region’s inhabitants. The restoration efforts are expected to be completed swiftly, thanks to this diligent and hands-on approach.

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