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Paradox Comics-N-Cards celebrates 30 years in business with free comic book day – InForum

The first Saturday of May is free comic book day across the country. It’s a chance for comic book fans to get free copies of the latest from DC, Marvel, or some of the lesser known publishers.

Hundreds of people stretching around the block of Paradox Comic-N-Cards. Plenty of them are here for free comics, but to celebrate the day, owner Richard Early pulled all the stops.

“We really wanted to make it special and do something that fans had never seen up here before,” Early said. “So we went out and got legendary comic creator Chris Claremont.”

Chris is a massive name in the world of comic books, well known for his work on X-men and Fantastic Four. And this big name drew a big crowd.

“I actually drove up from Brainerd, Minnesota, to meet Chris Claremont,” explained a fan named Ray waiting outside. “Been a fan of the X-Men comics for a long time, and probably never have this opportunity to again, so I couldn’t pass it up.”

“The way I think of it is it’s just like, it’s a day in the year where it’s like you wake up and you think it’s great, let’s go to the comic book shop,” explained another fan named Braden.

“Kind of Christmas for nerds every year,” Early said.

It’s fun for kids just getting into reading, who might not be interested in diving into paperback novels just yet.

“This old form of entertainment that is getting introduced mainly to kids and new readers,” said Jon, another fan waiting to see Chris. “And I’ll grab a few books too, and read them just for fun. I mean, why not?”

So we have a comic book legend plus free comic books, but that’s not all. Paradox is also using the day to celebrate thirty years in business. It’s a proud moment for Early.

“I’m really lucky to have gotten to live this life and be trusted by so many people and had so many great people around me,” Early said. “The store doesn’t happen without several generations of employees. And I don’t know what I ever did to earn their loyalty over and over again, but it’s just been amazing.”

Mike McGurran has been a reporter and anchor at WDAY-TV since 2021.



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