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Little monks still away from fuddle of social media

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There is a boom in IT, after social media has become the latest form of media at a times making the world a global village in practical sense. But the increasing craze of the same has not yet entered the doors of certain Tibetan monasteries flourishing beneath majestic Dhauladhar ranges here.

The little children being groomed up as monks are still unperturbed of this, as the internet inebriety has not yet influenced monastery campuses here. Not only the electronic gadgets to which they don’t have routine access but they are allowed to watch television only on alternate Sundays.

Video games, whatsapp and face book are still an illusory creation to them. Perhaps, due to the impact of the same they are unperturbed of cricket craze despite living in cricket capital of this hill state.

“If we get time we play football. As in this game both the teams could play at a time and players don’t have to wait outside. We stick to our time line so it suits us” says Tenzin Sonam (13), a little Lama.

“Cricket is very time consuming. We don’t use internet, electronic gadgets and television access is only on Sundays” said Tenzin Jigme, (14), a lama at Gyuto Monastery.

Tibetan lamas seeking Buddhism in monasteries unaffected by blind craze this most favorite game of the country. These young kids who probably would be Buddhist monks after completing their educational courses rank cricket after football.

After international cricket stadium here, the Cricket fever is already making itself felt in this hill town snuggled underneath snow covered peaks. It might have attracted hordes from globe but these lamas say that they felt surprised over screaming cricket fans in this valley.

“Don’t know why the hordes go crazy every time when there is cricket match. It is only then we come to know about match here when we hear screams echoing in the valley with the movement of sportsmen” told Tashi Dhondhup (18) revealing that they all take dinner at 5.00 PM and have not much time for this all in daily routine.

Lobsang (29), a teacher in one of the Buddhist school at a monastery here, said: “All lamas get up early at 4.30 am and their whole days is busy. They get time to watch Television and play football only on Sundays”.

Reacting over the madness of youths for social media, Jampa Thar, a lama said: “This is all foolishness and madness to such extent is not good, it’s disastrous”.

There are number of monasteries in and around the town and lamas usually get education there on Tibetan, maths and English Languages. There are many from Ladhak region, including others from Sikkim, West Bengal and Tibet.

In monasteries they mainly get cultured in Buddhism. Apart from cricket and football, swimming, caroms are their favorite games. “We are not familiar to cricket and its rules. But we know a little bit of it, we play it when we get abundant of time. But occasions are very rare” Tenzin Dhondhup (14).

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