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Israeli women visiting Himachal don traditional Gaddi dresses

Do the Gaddiyali dance at a home in McLeodganj

The Newz Radar

For foreign tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh the lure of local customs, dances, and songs is strong.

So, when a group of woman tourists from Israel landed up as a guest at a local resident of McLeodganj in Dharamshala city they could not help but be attracted to the colourful dress worn by tribal Gaddi community women and their Gaddiyali dance.

After donning the traditional dress, some of the Israeli women danced with gay abandon to the tunes and songs of famous folk singer and Gaddiyali nati king Sunil Rana.
The video of the Israeli women enjoying the Gaddiyali dance in traditional Gaddi dresses is already going viral.

Only recently a man from Russia and a woman from Ukraine tied the nuptial knot at Kharota Narayan temple in Khaniyara. While their respective countries are at war the duo got married as per Hindu traditions and then enjoyed dancing to Himachali folk songs.
Now that the risk of Coronavirus has almost vanished, more and more foreign tourists are making a beeline for Himachal Pradesh.

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