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Indian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine issues advisory to citizens amid fears of Russian invasion

The Indian embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine has issued an advisory for all Indians living in Ukraine, particularly students whose stay in not essential, to leave the country temporarily in view of uncertainties in the current situation. This advisory was issued after fears of a Russian attack on the Ukraine loomed large. The advisory also called on Indian citizens to avoid travelling to and within Ukraine. Citizens have been asked to inform the embassy of their whereabouts, so that they could be reached in case of an emergency. The Indian embassy will continue to operate in the country normally for now and provide services to its citizens.

On January 26, the Indian embassy in Kyiv had asked all its citizens to register themselves, so that information could be propogated quickly. Three weeks back, the Indian embassy had sent out forms and emails in this connection seeking details in case a quick mobilisation was required.

Though the conflict is mostly centred in the eastern part of Ukraine, most of the Indian students are located in western Ukraine.

In a last ditch effort to , avoid a war,German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Ukraine on Monday and has landed Moscow today to break the ice. However, US intelligence reports have stated that the Russian invasion could begin on Wednesday despite news of de-escalation going around.

With Russia deploying over 100,000 troops on the Ukraine border, US President Joe Biden has already warned Russia of severe consequences if Ukraine is attacked.

Meanwhile, the Indian share market lost over Rs 6 lakh crore on Monday following escalation of tensions but rose today as some news of de-escalation circulated.

Oil too which rose to a 7-year high, fell to USD 94 per barrel following reports that some Russian troops were returning to bases in Russian areas adjacent to Ukraine.







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