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How to become a super achiever?

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It is not the facility or ease but it is the difficulty that makes a man. This is a natural fact and examples in history have proved its veracity. All those individuals who attained greatness, regardless of which walk of life they came from, were the products of the difficulty and not of the facility they faced challengers and emerged as super achievers.

The fact which is to be noted that all our actions are related to our mind, big or small, every action is related to our mind. It is mind that directs all actions of our personality. The human mind is greater than all great things of universe. It is mind that is master of our personality as it controls our all activities.

Studies show that our performances depend totally on our minds. The mind has unlimited reserves of energy. When we decide to do anything the mind at once releases the energy and we perform with the aid of this energy.

Mind is the prime source of energy and whatever we do is can only be done with the help of this energy. And, if we decide to do some difficult or great task, then the mind will release a greater amount of energy.

The building of personality depends on your own efforts. If you are an easy going person then you are bound to receive less energy from your mind and the result will be that your personality will become weak. If you are ambitious and chose to embark on a great task, then certainly your mind will release a greater amount of energy, the result of which will be that you will develop a strong personality.

‘Meditation is the only exercise for mind’

There is no particular exercise for mind. It is the meditation which is the only activity that helps mind to move in right and purposeful destination. Meditation and Pranayamas have a significant role to shape the mind. It helps us to get more energy from mind and embark on more purposeful tasks in life. Rising early is one another thing that eases the mind. Nearly, 60000 thoughts come to our mind in daily routine. But all those thoughts are not useful. But if we bring our lives into a discipline that only we can get positive energy which will help us to play vital role for our families and organizations.

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