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Himachal Pradesh transport department buys 11 electric vehicles for its officers, 8 more to arrive soon

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The transport department of Himachal Pradesh is taking a leap towards green sustainability with the procurement of 19 electric vehicles.
Following the government’s orders to promote electric vehicles, 11 of these vehicles have already reached the Transport Directorate in Shimla. Of these, dour are Hyundai Kona cars, while the remaining are Tata Nexon cars. The rest of the vehicles are also expected to arrive soon.
The transport department officials, including the director, will now travel in these electric vehicles instead of diesel cars. The diesel vehicles will be kept in the reserve pool, as per the government’s orders. The department aims to become the first in the country to use only electric vehicles, thereby saving revenue for the state government and reducing carbon emission.
The trend of electric vehicles is on the rise in Himachal Pradesh with the number of registered electric vehicles increasing to 1,760 after the fresh procurement. Most of these registered vehicles are HRTC buses. The use of electric vehicles will not only help save money previously spent on diesel, but also contribute to a cleaner environment.
In diesel vehicles, lakhs of rupees were spent every year on diesel. On the other hand, the smoke coming out of the vehicles was also an environmental hazard. The Himachal Pradesh transport department has been setting an example for other departments and organisations to follow, promoting a cleaner and sustainable future for all.



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