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Granite rocks causing incidents of shooting stones : Geologist

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Says temperature variation also causing rockslides

Warns against disturbing of fragile ecosystem of Himalayan mountains

Shimla | TNR

The tiny state of Himachal Pradesh, nestled in the Western Himalayas has often been prone to landslides and rock slides. There has been a rising concern in the state with accidents on account of these seeing a sharp increase in the past few days with the onset of monsoon.

Geologist highlights reasons

Speaking to TNR, in the backdrop of the Nyugalseri disaster, geologist Atul Sharma of the Industries department shed light on some of the causes that has led to such recurring incidents. One of the primary reasons, he said, was the variation in temperatures, particularly in Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti areas.

Granite rocks are one of the causes

The mountains of the Himalayan region are made up of granite rocks and this was the most important factor leading to shooting stones or rock slides. Explaining the occurrence of shooting stones, Sharma said during monsoon, rainwater fills up between rocks and solidifies when the temperature falls at night. The water starts melting when temperature rises in bright sunlight, resulting in massive rock slides.

Blasting of rocks

He said unscientific road constructions, heavy blasting of rocks for hydro-power projects and tunnels are also the reasons behind these incidents of shooting stones. Heavy blasting of rocks causes mountains to vibrate and shake resulting in accidents as seen in Batseri and Nyugalseri.

Fragile ecosystem shouldn’t be disturbed

Mountains of the Himalayan region are very sensitive to such disturbances, like little children, and it is of utmost importance to maintain their fragile ecosystem failing which there will be a recurrence of more serious disasters in the future, he warned.

Excessive water seepage

In other areas of Himachal, continuous and excessive water seepage during the rains causes it to swell like a sponge. This excessive water on land results in massive landslides, he added.

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