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Govt issues strict home isolation guidelines for covid infected

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued strict guidelines regarding home isolation for covid infected people in the state today.

These guidelines state that patients showing mild symptoms as well as those who are asymptomatic, will have to be isolated at home on the advice of a doctor.

The elderly above the age of 60, suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, heart and kidney disease etc, will have to undergo home isolation only after proper evaluation by the doctor.

Although HIV infected people, those who have undergone transplants and cancer patients are not medically recommended for home isolation, they will be allowed to do so only after proper evaluation by the doctor treating them.


Precautions to be taken during home isolation

The Department has recommended that patients undergoing home isolation should frequently wash their hands with soap and water for at least 40 seconds or use an alchohol based sanitizer.

They should not share personal items, including utensils with other people in the household.

Blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate in a sitting position and number of breaths taken in a full minute should be monitored regularly with a pulse oxymeter.

Both the care giver and patient should use an N-95 mask. It has also stated that the care giver should follow covid appropriate behaviour while caring for the covid infected patient at home.


Instructions for caregivers

Caregivers should avoid sharing the patient’s food utensils, drinks, used towels or linen. The utensils used by the patient should be cleaned with soap, detergent and water, wearing gloves.

The health department has emphasized that the caregiver should clean hands after removing gloves or handling used items.

An official spokesman said that used masks, gloves, tissues or swabs contaminated with blood or body fluids of covid-19 patients, including syringes, medicines etc should be treated as bio-medical waste and should be collected and disposed off in yellow bags.

It should be handed over to the garbage collector separately, to prevent further spread of infection in the household and community.


District administration responsible for monitoring patient

According to the government, the concerned district administration will be responsible for monitoring the patient in home isolation under the supervision of the State Health Authority.

The patient or care giver will continue to monitor their health. If the fever does not improve and lasts for more than three days or the fever exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, if the patient experiences difficulty in breathing and the oxygen saturation rate is less than 93 percent, immediate medical advice is needed.

If there is persistent chest pain, pressure, mental confusion, or severe fatigue and muscle pain, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Health workers will report the condition of the patient to the district administration in the morning and evening.

Patients will be isolated only after the advice of doctors. To provide medical facilities to the people, the government has decided to open a sub-centre where health workers will be deployed.

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