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Google Maps to show users most fuel-efficient routes in US

Google has announced that starting today, Google Maps will be showing users the most fuel-efficient routes in the US, if they are not already on the fastest one.

The feature will launch in Europe in 2022. It is also introducing lite navigation for cyclists on Maps, to help users find bikes and scooter shares in over 300 cities around the world.

“With the eco-friendly routing feature, it will always show you the fastest route — and now also the one that’s most fuel-efficient, if it doesn’t happen to also be the fastest,” Russell Dicker, the senior director of Transportation at Google Maps said. 

“So, with just a few taps, you can see the relative fuel savings between the different options, the ETA difference if there is one and choose the one that works best for you.” For those users who always want to see the fastest route, no matter what, Google Maps will have a setting that will also allow them to only see that.



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