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Foamy Balloons Float in Sarsa River as Chemical-laden Water Discharge Raises Health Concerns

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TNR Desk

Baddi: Residents were alarmed to witness balloons of foam hovering above the Sarsa River, the result of chemical-laden water discharge flowing through Baddi. Local inhabitants voiced their concerns, attributing numerous severe illnesses to the poisonous water.

The Pollution Department swiftly responded, extracting water samples from the vicinity of the industrial area. Revelations suggest that, within the industrial precincts of Baddi, certain entities are recklessly jeopardizing public health for the sake of profit, right under the scrutiny of the Pollution Department.

A case of flagrant disregard for regulations emerged in Krishnapura, where untreated water was blatantly released into the Sarsa River, particularly highlighted by the villagers of Chunari Village. These concerned residents captured footage of sizable ice formations adrift on the river, promptly disseminating it across social media channels.

Following this, a team from the Pollution Department conducted a thorough assessment of the Sarsa River, subsequently scrutinizing the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in Malpur. Their investigation revealed a damaged chamber in the rear section of the plant, allowing a continuous flow of chemical-laden water towards the river. Samples were promptly collected and further examinations were conducted at a drain adjacent to the truck union, revealing a viscous substance floating on the water’s surface.

Residents living around Chunari Village recounted a distressing weekly occurrence, wherein large accumulations of ice persistently drift down the river. Any individual traversing the river during this time invariably experiences skin irritation. They disclosed their repeated grievances to the administration, yet no decisive action has been taken thus far.

These villagers also expressed the predicament of their children, who must wade through this water to reach school, especially during the rainy season when their path is entirely submerged. Consequently, the children suffer health repercussions from exposure to contaminated water. Compounding this crisis, the villagers inhabit makeshift dwellings around the ETP.

Local youth corroborated these accounts, attesting to the regular sight of foam surfacing on the water. The next steps will hinge on the Pollution Department’s response, and the subsequent measures taken to address this grievous situation.

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