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BJP MLA Anil Sharma under the radar

His daughter-in-law levels accusation on him

Husband, a Congress leader, claims conspiracy to defame family

Anil Sharma’s Son Ashrey Sharma (to be used with Pratibha Chuhan’s story)
Sourabh Sood | Mandi

First, it was BJP MLA Vishal Neharia who got embroiled in a family dispute, and now it is the turn of another BJP MLA. However, the plot thickened when the accusation levelled by BJP MLA Anil Sharma’s daughter-in-law Radhika Sharma was played down by her husband Aashray Sharma, who went on to claim that her Facebook account, through which she levelled the accusation, was hacked.

Accusation levelled against BJP MLA Anil Sharma

Radhika Sharma, daughter-in-law of BJP MLA from Sadar assembly seat, Anil Sharma, has accused him of harassment by sending her a notice against her move to run a salon in the family hotel. The reason for the notice, according to her, was her family’s refusal to provide more money to her in-laws after six years of harassment for dowry.

FB post removed

The accusation was levelled by Radhika Sharma in her Facebook post that was later removed and followed by a post by her husband Aashray Sharma, Congress general secretary in the state, that his wife’s FB account was hacked. Aashray went on to say in his FB post that after hacking his wife’s account someone has hatched a conspiracy to defame his family. He urged everyone not to take his wife’s post on FB seriously. “Our family ties are strong and there is nothing of the sort mentioned in my wife’s FB post,” he added.

No more relations with in-laws

Radhika Sharma accused him of harassing her because he (Anil Sharma) had to tender his resignation from the ministry. She said that she had been forced to leave her home even though she was nine months into her pregnancy. However, she went on to say, what else could be expected from a person who drove his 93-year-old father from his house and harass his son’s wife. “I am not afraid as long as people from Sadar assembly seat and my paternal family members are with me. We will not back out from the fight,” Radhika said.

No response from MLA concerned

Calls made to MLA Anil Sharma and his son Aashray Sharma by TNR remained unanswered. Messages sent to both by TNR also remained unanswered. However, Aashray Sharma did go on to use his FB post to claim that his wife’s FB account was hacked and he alleged a conspiracy to defame his family.

TNR has copy of notice sent to Radhika Sharma

A copy of the notice purportedly sent to Radhika Sharma for running a salon at the family hotel is in possession of TNR.

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