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Electrical Short Circuit Triggered Explosions as Truck Loaded with Gas Cylinders Overturned

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Hamirpur: In a harrowing incident that sent shockwaves through the Jangalbairi Panchayat of Sujanpur in Hamirpur district, a truck carrying a significant load of domestic gas cylinders overturned. What followed were a series of nerve-wracking explosions that reverberated through the village.

The root cause of this alarming explosion spree was identified as an electrical short circuit.The incident unfolded on a seemingly routine Monday morning. As the truck toppled over, the once-peaceful village was thrown into chaos as the gas cylinders, one after another, succumbed to fiery explosions. The sheer force and intensity of these blasts sent tremors of fear throughout the community.Reacting swiftly to the escalating crisis, local authorities took immediate precautions by suspending all traffic movement for approximately one and a half hours.

This decision aimed to prevent further catastrophe and protect the safety of those in the vicinity.Amidst the turmoil, the truck’s driver, injured in the calamity, was rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. The incident vehicle, a truck registered in Punjab, was transporting a sizable cargo of 294 gas cylinders. Its intended destination was the Sandhol Kathua Gas Agency, a route that passed through the heart of Panchayat Jangal Bairi, located about 10 kilometers from Sujanpur.

The initial cause of the disaster unfolded when the truck attempted to overtake another vehicle while navigating the main road. Tragically, this maneuver led to the truck losing balance and ultimately overturning into a nearby field. During this chaotic sequence of events, the vehicle struck an electric pole positioned alongside the road.

The collision resulted in a short circuit, setting off a chain reaction of cataclysmic events. The gas cylinders onboard the truck quickly became engulfed in flames, with each subsequent explosion adding to the unfolding chaos and destruction.Nearby, Panchayat Vice President Pankaj Bhateria was commuting in his own vehicle. Witnessing the horrific accident unfold before him, he acted promptly. Bhateria evacuated the truck’s driver from the scene and ensured the safety of those in the vicinity.

He also played a crucial role in notifying local authorities of the situation.Emergency response teams, including the fire department and local police from both Sujanpur and Jaisinghpur, swiftly arrived at the scene to assess the situation and mitigate any further risks. For the safety of the community, both main roads were temporarily sealed off for approximately one and a half hours as authorities worked diligently to address the ongoing crisis.

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