Thursday, September 21, 2023

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BJP Leader Accuses Congress of Power-Hungry Politics, Lack of Principles

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Mandi: In a scathing attack on the Congress party, senior BJP leader Mahinder Kumar, who was a former minister in the UP government, has accused the opposition party of having a relentless hunger for power without any principles. Speaking during the ongoing campaign to celebrate nine years of governance by the Modi government, Kumar asserted that the true face of Congress has been exposed, rendering any further comment on the party unnecessary.

Kumar emphasized that the country has entered a new era with the emergence of “New India,” which is experiencing high and sustained socio-economic growth. While acknowledging recent defeats in Shimla and Karnataka, he stressed that the BJP never truly loses but instead either emerges victorious or learns from its battles. He expressed confidence in overcoming any shortcomings and improving them in the near future.

Highlighting the achievements of the Modi government, Kumar praised the establishment of institutions like AIIMS and the implementation of the four-lane project in small states like Himachal Pradesh. He stated that these accomplishments exemplify the significant rewards bestowed upon such regions by the central government under Modi’s leadership.

Undeterred by recent setbacks, Kumar confidently declared that the BJP would secure a resounding majority in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, enabling Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lead the nation for a third consecutive term. According to him, the people of India have already made up their minds to vote Modi back into power.

Kumar outlined the four pillars on which “New India” stands: the growth of India’s prestige in the international arena, robust internal and external security, speedy infrastructure development, and reforms aimed at uplifting the poor. He emphasized that these pillars form the basis of the BJP’s vision for the country’s progress.

To propagate the welfare and development schemes of the Modi government, Kumar revealed that the BJP has launched an extensive campaign to reach every household from May 30 to June 30. As part of the celebrations, special programs have been organized, including International Yoga Divas on June 21, Balidan Divas to commemorate the death anniversary of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee on June 23, and a remembrance of the day emergency was declared in India on June 25.

Kumar further announced that on June 25, the entire BJP, down to the booth level, will listen to the 102nd episode of “Man kee Baat” by Prime Minister Modi.

Accompanying Kumar during his visit to Mandi were BJP leaders and MLAs from Mandi and Kullu, including Rakesh Jamwal, Puran Chand Thakur, Surinder Shourie, Dileep Thakur, Ranveer Singh, Amit Sood, Manish Kapoor, and the party’s social media heads.



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