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After Mandi, Himachal health dept to use drones for medical services in Shimla district

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Following the successful implementation of drone services in the health sector in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, the state Health Department is now preparing to launch similar services in Shimla.

The department has started preparing for the scheme in collaboration with private companies that have been empaneled through the Electronics Corporation. The state government has decided to expand the use of drones for health services across the entire state.

The department will use Quad, Hexa, Octa and Vector copter drones for the initiative, which will involve collecting samples for health checkups, exchanging vaccines, medicines, blood samples and test reports. The Vector drone, which is capable of flying long distances and can cover up to 300 km, will be used to collect samples for testing.

In Mandi district, the Health Department has already used three types of drones, including the Quad copter, the Hexa copter and the Octa copter. However, these drones are only suitable for short distances and consume more battery. The Vector copter will be used for long-distance flights and it uses less battery.

With this new initiative, patients in remote and difficult-to-reach areas of Shimla district will have access to better healthcare services without having to travel to distant hospitals. Due to heavy snowfall and rain in many areas, access to medical services is often limited. Therefore, the use of drones is expected to significantly improve the quality of healthcare services in the region. The success of this initiative in Mandi district has prompted the government to expand the drone services to other regions of the state.



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