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HomeBusinessAdani allegedly paid ₹74.5 crore for Mangalore airport assets valued at ₹363...

Adani allegedly paid ₹74.5 crore for Mangalore airport assets valued at ₹363 crore: AAEU

The Airports Authority Employees Union (AAEU) alleged that Mangaluru airport’s assets’ value was pegged at ₹363 crore, but the Adani Group had to pay ₹74.5 crore. It should’ve also paid ₹583 crore and ₹384 crore for Lucknow airport and Ahmedabad airport respectively, AAEU added. However, it had to pay ₹147.93 crore for Lucknow and ₹277.41 crore for Ahmedabad, AAEU said.

As per the letter, the bidding document said that the amount to be paid towards assets were Rs 363 crore for Mangaluru airport, Rs 583 crore for Lucknow and Rs 384 crore for Ahmedabad. As per the final agreement, however, Adani had to pay Rs 74.5 crore for Mangalore (a reduction of Rs 288.5 crore), Rs 147.93 crore for Lucknow (down by Rs 435.07 crore) and Rs 277.41 crore for Ahmedabad (down by Rs 106.59 crore).



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